In life we came across many people but only a few of them are able to cast a deep shadow on us by entering a steep valley of our heart, mind and soul . In my life the list of such people is not long enough but it starts with someone really special , the one who provide me with the courage to face realities of this daring life , My Grand Father . Born there in Gujarat got his early education and then settle here at Wah Cantt as he got job in P.O.F. He was an Ahmadi Muslim by Birth and have a strong religious background .Image

As it is said that:
” The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love
And loyalty.”
Having all these he led a very balanced and Successful life . It’s as if he got one extra component in his blood which made him unique from others and that is ” honesty ” . That component showed up all its best during his whole life, especially during his job which is of Government ,Even on the day when he got retirement he offered special Nawafil as to thank Allah Almighty to let him finish his job without his honesty being pointed out. He had a huge friends circle irrespective of rank discrimination .
Leaving all that , for me he was more than a Grand father , as he loves me more than anyone . He named me and to explain the meaning of it he use to recite that part of the Holy Quran which explains its importance . He got a really beautiful voice which makes his recitation even more effective and attractive which compels other towards recitation .
Although I’m not really still good at studies and other activities like arts but he is the only one who encourages me to do some and that I can do even better than that . His style of appreciation was so great that even if you draw a simple Tangled line he would appreciate you so as you were another Picasso that fills you with confidence that Yeah! You are really great . He got an excellent literary taste . And his hobby is book reading . He loves books as the quote written on his Dairy explains Which :
” A room Without A Book Is Like A Body Without A soul “

Due to his that interest , which flows through him in my father , we got a mini library at home comprising of more than 600 books on different topics. He also had an interest in Homeopathic and had a mini collection of medicines at home . Due to his that interest he was our Family Doctor. The medicines he uses to recommend are always proven to be helpful . He was the active member of the Senior Citizen Office.
He got an infection in his lungs which affected his lungs severely . One of them was removed in surgery. He led more than 14 years with his one lung removed and others affected. But he faced all that bravely and with great courage .
He was a man who stood fast on his beliefs . He was always there to help other, support other, to pray for others and to stand with other in hour of need .
Affection depicts from his face . He was indeed an angel from heaven who moved back to his final destination on 24th of April. Leaving us in a real shock.
He was the special one for me . As he is the only one without whom it looks no life , who keeps me all along with him , he smiles when I smile and cry when I was sad.
Dear Abu ji..!! I know from up there you are still noticing me, I know your prayers will always be with me and are still with me but the only thing I got to say to you is that ………

May Allah Rest his Soul In Peace