The lecture continues unfolding basic introduction towards physics. In last few minutes teacher provides students with information about few renowned researchers and theologists. Among them comes the name of a Pakistani Scientist Dr Abdus Salam, about who she only said:
” I don’t want to talk about him. He is a non-discussable person.”

In our schooling system as a student, I must think that she is right, she is a teacher, after all, Knows everything, how can she hide or lie about sth.
But still…. we have to look for a reason that makes him “undiscussable “.

    Starting up with his family background we find out that he is the son of a Government School Teacher  named Muhammad Hussain, every  A.C.R ( Annual Confidential Report ) of him had comments like:
“Excellent Work and Sterling Character ”
Who brought up his children teaching them:
“Heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight
But they while their companion slept
Were toiling upward in the night ”
By studying Muhammad Hussain’s life we find himself a noble and honest man. Nothing from his life can blame his son to be undiscussable   …..

   From the Educational point of view, Salam always comes out to be a “Record Breaker”. He indeed was a brilliant student.
His Professor Sir Fred Hoyle explains him as a student in following words:

“…I found it much less of strain to tackle hard problems with a student like Abdus Salam than it was to be asked easier things by those chaps who just sat there and stared out in space. With the latter you had to roll two stones uphill simultaneously, one stone, was the problem itself the other was to get the chap to understand. With Abdus Salam, you only had one stone and he would do a fair amount of pushing.”

    It is said that what others say behind you is what they actually think about you.
Robert Gates’s remarks after Dr Abdus Salam’s death about him are as follow;
“He (Salam) is one man without time, strung across two worlds and two problems. It is a loss to the world that he cannot have two lives”
Salam was one of the renowned professor, perfect orator and a great researcher who wrote almost 250 research papers.

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Apart from that one cannot even find a single evidence to question his loyalty towards his country. Despite the fact that his country didn’t give him the respect he deserved. He gave his prize money to establish a scholarship fund for those students who cannot afford to study. He kept Pakistani Citizenship despite British and Italian offers.
Along with that, a very long list of his contributions to his country for education is there and one cannot easily gather them all in one article.
So finally after glancing over Salam’s life and seeing his contributions for his country nothing undiscussable is found which leads us to compute the result that :
” The doctrinal differences over faith seem to have far more important to this country than anything else”
Salam’s only mistake is to be affiliated with Ahmadiyya Muslim Community the True Islam.
When religious beliefs become the crime, and loyalty is judged on the basis of religion, and the hateful behaviour starts for those who follow the religion they believe to be the truth, then its the sign of great destruction which is to be jealous and turn against your own people. Whereas the universal truth is:
Unity is a strength, But differences lead to failure. And Pakistan is undergoing through this failure.

But if this country really wants to survive then it should have to free itself from Religious Prejudice and differences otherwise we will go on losing many Abdus Salaam and will close the door of prosperity and development all by ourselves.
I end up this article with few lines by Shahid Saeed from the article “In memory of Dr Abdus Salam”

   “Can we forgive ourselves for how we treated one of greatest – if not the greatest – citizen of Pakistan? Is there any redemption for the people of Pakistan? It should be a moment of deep reflection for us all.”