“There happen to be a land surrounded by peace and prosperity, filled with love and blossoming flowers of brotherhood. But all of a sudden dense clouds of persecution took all over the atmosphere and then hailstorm of hatred destroyed the peace leaving all around the ruins of brotherhood.It was about 1989 when some Mullah and their companion villagers tried to create unrest while gathering people and convincing them to burn houses of the Ahmadiyya Community on the killing of their companion,a man killed while looting a house of an Ahmadi, just to create a whole Scenario against Ahmadies.All this became the only reason of massive destruction. They burnt and destroyed everything i.e. houses, furniture, animals even fields of some Ahmadi farmers were demolished and women were beaten by them. During that a little Ahmadi girl of about 9 Years, Nabeela, was killed due to firing of attackers who burnt their house down.
                         After that they headed toward the mosque along with Police and killed an Ahmadi Young Man, Nazir Saqi, who was famous because of his bravery, by Police. Another Ahmadi Khadim, Rafiq Ahmad, was killed in front of his house by those extremist that day. All that happened in the presence of Police Officials and they played their *much needed part* in it as well. Our neighbors allowed us to stay that night at their house. After spending that horrible night we left our village the next day. The whole village was covered with a dense fog of unrest and hatred against Ahmadies.
                Ahmadies were forced to make choice either to leave Ahmadiyyat or their houses, many Ahmadies left their houses and everything they had, just for their belief. Many people came back to their houses,after few months and even years,but the seed of hatred was sowed.”
               That was the story (some highlighted part of it) told by my mother to us about her village. A village whose peace was ruined by so called “Defenders Of Islam”. And that’s actually not the end of persecution that wave of hatred had now acquired the form of a heredity component transferring generation after generation. That component again showed its best on 4 September, 2003 when a well known “Scholar” of a village mosque was being murdered by some “Unknown” people and again some renowned Ahmadies were being accused of murder. Almost 10 people got arrested during the investigation all were set free accept 3 of them including 2 from our family. The trail was being carried out and all three of them were being given the death penalty. In short they spent 7 1/2 years of their Life without abiding any law in jail before they were set free. 
                     But again that hatred didn’t stop. Threats were given by the villagers to them and they left their village in order to save their lives and faith. They left the place where they spend their childhood, the most precious part of one’s life. They sold their houses where they were born and spend many happy moments.
          Even after that these “Defenders” of Islam don’t let any stone unturned in persecuting Ahmadies of Chak Sikandar. Boards and Banners, Wall chalking and stickers, all sources were availed by them to provoke hatred.
And that’s not only the story of Chak Sikandar, almost every village every city or town in Pakistan has the same situation. Whether it’s in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi or in Quetta Ahmadies are being Persecuted everywhere because of their faith due to which they are forced to leave that place or even in many cases their country. All that hatred and persecution resulted in nothing but a continuous wave of unrest in society. The need of the hour is to detect and cut down the roots of hatred which has been planted among us long ago, because of which brotherhood and peace has been demolished and that’s the only mean by which we can save and bring brotherhood, prosperity and harmony back to our beloved motherland, Pakistan.