“Life full of Complications”


Life is a synonym of continuous struggle. It’s itself is full of mysteries yet we human never leave any chance to make it more and more complicated for ourselves. We have surrounded ourselves so much in our own *Brain Games* that at the end we are unable to find a safe escape from our own thoughts.

        In our daily life routine from dawn to dusk all we try to do is to please everyone around us neglecting what actually we want. And in doing so all we get is distractions and disappointments. Its good to care about others but neglecting your happiness will yield nothing positive.We are trapped in self made web of thoughts which has nothing to do with reality. having a positive life depend wholly on having positive thoughts,less you surround yourself with negative thoughts more happy your life will be.

Always hoping for some thing big  we are neglecting simple things in our life.

       Chinese philosopher Confucius sums it all up as:

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

            Was going through some pins few days back when i found this simple formula of having a happy life:


       Life is like a story,and every story has an end and a moral as well,so stop wasting your time in making your story complicated and make it a story with best ending and a great moral.

Stay blessed.:)