Different kinds of people you will find during Jalsa. (A colorful side of Jalsa’s Picture)

As Jalsa season is taking over the world with rain of blessings and Jalsa UK has ended while jalsa germany is just around the corner here is a list of people you may find during Jalsa.

This person is *always* keeping an eye on you because we all are responsible for security.


The Uncle:

You may not know him but he knows everything about you. How? That’s still a mystery.


Rishta­finder Uncle/Aunty:

That person have eye of eagle. Be it an uncle or a lady they can spot all the attributes in you that could make you a perfect match for their son or daughter.


A Lost kid:

In a quest of finding perfect place near stage this kid may has been left alone by his parents. Wipe his nose and take him to the stage before he explodes with a cry and make you appear like a kidnapper.


Your Twitter follower:

If some random person calls you with your twitter name don’t worry that might be one of your follower. Be ready to let them know why you don’t follow them back.



An Instagram Photographer:

Squatting in a middle of road, leaning sideways, taking a 360° turn, if you are worried about someone doing that don’t worry that might be some instagrammer trying to keep its followers “updated” during jalsa. Go to them suggest some perfect angles and remind them:” don’t forget to tag me”



A Pakistani:

A person whose tears are ready to roll down upon every single moment of Jalsa that must a Pakistani attending Jalsa UK while missing Jalsa Rabwah.

The Alou Hunter:

No matter how many they already have eaten they still can’t resist their temptation of stealing an alou out of your plate.


During the days of Jalsa Ahmadis all around the world celebrate it in their own ways. Be it Twitter or Instagram, during Jalsa, they become another of the Main Marquee. So here are some of those: ( for both #JalsaUK and #JalsaGermany)

Blast_From_Past People:

Before every jalsa they will give you a recap of everyone’s tweet about previous one:



Will keep you updated about every moment:



Social Media’s Slogan Incharge.

From this person with every emotional moment at jalsa you can find a tweet on your TL like:


The Quiz Geek:

No question from @JalsaUK’s Quiz can escape with being answered by them. Even if they are wrong in the first attempt nothing can stop them from taking another chance.



TL as Jalsa’s Stage:

On Twitter there is proper arrangement to make it feel like a part of jalsa considering slogans and live updates but another fun fact is Twitter Jalsa Attendance count:




And at last like all of us, there are those who feels like Jalsa has been gone with a flash/ blink and are not ready to let it go easily.

15 Screenshot_2016-07-28-03-28-26



Jokes aside,all these are like the pieces of puzzles without whom a perfect picture of Jalsa is incomplete.