This is the story of Aylan Kurdi the 3 years old Syria kid who drowned in the sea and his body was found on the shore. But the story basically represents the condition ad thinking of every Syrian child who wants nothing but a safer place to live with his friends and family.

“Shone for Nothing”

– In complete darkness suddenly there’s thunder and lightning, a boat could be seen trying to make its way through the violent waves while carrying its passengers. Lights turn on.

Among other people and boy could be seen sitting while holding its mother’s arm. Fear had already taken over the thoughts of everyone which their faces are mirroring.

Boy (terrified): how long will it take? When will we reach our home?

Mother (striking his hair): I don’t know exactly but don’t worry that will be a better and safe place for you.

Boy: Safer than our home?

Mother: Yes safer than your home, we will make a new home there, will buy toys for you and you will get to go to school as well.

Boy: would Ali and Omran be there?

Mother: no, maybe soon. But you can make new friends there.

Boy: But I don’t want new friends. Ali and Omran were to show me their new football. Are the people at “the better place” affable?

Mother: yes they are, (to herself) that’s all we are hoping for.

( Thunder and lightning, the boy get scared and hold his mother more tightly the mother try to calm him down by singing the famous Syrian lullaby:

” Lail-a tanam

Lail-a tanam…”

The boy loses the grip)

Boy (calm but curious): Mother?

Mother: Yes?

Boy (pointing towards the sky): when would we be able to see the stars?

Mother: when the storm will be over

Boy: But why is it taking too long?

Mother: don’t worry, when the tunnel is dark, only then you can see the light at the end. That light keeps us alive.

Boy: Stars have the light too. I want to be a star. I want to be up there, high in the sky, you know why?

Mother: why?

Boy: so that the good people could see me when I will be up there shining brightly they could see me and save me from “the bad people”.

Mother (smiling): (to her) people don’t look up to the sky unless they are surrounded by darkness.

(Silence again followed by a strong and loud thunder and lightning. waves shaking the boat violently. loud screams and a sudden darkness.)

(When lights turn on, few people with life jackets on could be seen floating in with drowned boat’s wrecks.

Mother: (sobbing and screaming) “Aylan, Aylan?”

Complete darkness.

Seashore with Aylan’s body. Mother (dressed as a spirit) standing at the corner of the stage looking at the body in complete distress.


Mother: *sigh* a better place? (Sobbing) “Up there”? So that people can see you? hunh. My child my star, a little has changed after you. I see countries who build walls and other don’t want us. You shone for nothing. Your brother shone for nothing. We shone for nothing. Like Aylan, many Syrians who chose to leave end up washed away on foreign shores. And those who do end making the journey to safety sometimes end up witnessing the ugly face of intolerance and bigotry. Is this what he wanted to shine for? Is this what he wanted to be a star for? He doesn’t want his place in headlines but he wants the answer.