Though every relationship is losing its true essence and value, the relationship between grandparents and their grandkid is dying out. You can find many people debating on the possible reasons for it who would blame it on technology or even generation gap but even with all these factors involved their indirect positive impact on the personality of the kids can’t be ignored.

Everyone may have a different experience, we have spent almost all of our lives living with our grandparents and even their small deeds had a lasting effect still act as reminders. My grandfather played a major role in developing the habit of reading in us. He would wake us up on every Sunday morning by sliding the “children section” of the newspaper on our beds and one would always find him with a book in his hand. My grandmother who is now Parkinson’s patient and couldn’t remember things well would say Salaam out loud whenever someone would enter the room even if they had left a minute earlier. even yesterday, which made me realize the importance of her presence more than ever, though she can’t hold things because of her shaky hands, she asked for the Quran written in bold text so she could read it. These are the example of a few small acts which does not even involve their knowledge of technology or the growing trends in the society to interact with the kids yet have a lasting and deep influence on the personality.

With these small gestures, they teach kids compassion, love for knowledge, and the importance of prayers. But above all, they keep you connected with your roots and family. Now there may be other opinions to it as well, and sometimes parents and grandparents have to define their roles, but we cannot deny the importance of this relationship altogether and by saving this relationship we will be taking a step towards saving the dying idea of a happy family.