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5 life changing reminders of 2017

So it’s that time of the year again when your social media feed starts flooding with the compilation of best videos of 2017, worst events of 2017 or from memedict , meme+addicts, best memes of 2017. But in this flood... Continue Reading →


“Shone for Nothing” – a dialogue

  Introduction: This is the story of Aylan Kurdi the 3 years old Syria kid who drowned in the sea and his body was found on the shore. But the story basically represents the condition ad thinking of every Syrian child... Continue Reading →

“Language of Love”

Short Story: “Language of Love”   She hastily took a piece of paper with a sandwich in it and ran toward the door. Stopping for a while, trying to put on her shoe she glanced over the words carved on... Continue Reading →

Different kind of people you will find during Jalsa

  Different kinds of people you will find during Jalsa. (A colorful side of Jalsa's Picture) As Jalsa season is taking over the world with rain of blessings and Jalsa UK has ended while jalsa germany is just around the... Continue Reading →

Clarification: As I have already mentioned the reason behind the previous blog was an idea by a friend to share the experience to make other understand that it’s not only “Old people’s thing” and not something difficult. The only reason... Continue Reading →

“10 days of spiritual rendezvous with Allah”

“10 days of spiritual rendezvous with Allah” The Holy month of Ramazan has just ended blessing us with a lot of time to spend in the remembrance of Allah. It was a month of practice, an opportunity for us to... Continue Reading →

“Life full of Complications”

         “Life full of Complications”                              Life is a synonym of continuous struggle. It’s itself is full of mysteries yet we human never leave... Continue Reading →

وہ جنہوں نے جان سی عزیز شے بھی تیرے حبیب پے وار دی

    وہی سوالات وہی جوابات اگرکچھ بدلا ہے تو خدا اور اس کے رسول کی خاطر اپنی جان  قربان کرنے والے کا نام . وہی کہانی وہی اختتام اگر فرق ہے تو کردار کے نام کا . مگر آخر... Continue Reading →

“میں یہ کس کے نام لکھوں “

                آج دن کا آغاز ہوا تو اس قوم پر آنے والی تاریکی کے ساۓ اور گہرے ہو گۓ  دھرتی ماتا کا حق ادا کرنے اور اپنی قوم کی خدمت کے لیے آنے والے مسیحا کو صرف احمدی ہونے... Continue Reading →

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