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“Language of Love”

Short Story:

“Language of Love”


She hastily took a piece of paper with a sandwich in it and ran toward the door. Stopping for a while, trying to put on her shoe she glanced over the words carved on a wall hanging. After successfully putting on her shoes she rushed toward the door. It was not for the first time that she was getting late for her job. She nearly ran toward the corner of the street, from where her van used to pick her up. It was a pleasant morning. The Sun was trying to make its way through the clouds while the wind didn’t seem to help him since it blew the clouds back. Everyone was in a hurry; few were rushing towards their offices while others were accompanying their children on the way to their school. The Chirping of the birds was overcome by the sound of traffic horns. It’s the time of the day when everyone is excited about the upcoming adventures of the day.


As she was having her breakfast while waiting for her van she saw a beautiful little girl in a school uniform standing near her. The girl was looking at her as if she knew her. Suddenly a school van stopped near that little girl and the girl rode away. Eliza became curious and delighted at the same time at the act of that little girl. In the meanwhile, her van arrived and she started her journey toward her office.


The next day as Eliza arrived at the bus stop a bit earlier, she noticed the girl standing there again and looking at her with the same glow in her eyes as it was there a day before. Eliza smiled back at her and she could see the joy on the girl’s face. Eliza felt contented as she became the reason of someone’s smile.


Now, this event became a part of her daily routine. Eliza was always there waiting for her and she started arriving a bit earlier at the spot in order to see the joyful face of the girl. This routine continued every day except on the weekend.


One Monday as Eliza arrived at the Bus stop she noticed the girl standing there at the side of the road where Eliza used to wait for her van. And today she was there with her mother. Eliza greeted her mother and smiled as usual at the girl and both left for their respective destinations.


Next day when Eliza arrived at the spot the girl was not there. She became worried about her, but there was not a single way to communicate with the girl or to know the reason of her absence.  That was the day when Eliza realized that, that little girl had changed everything about her. She used to be the girl who never cared about anything and anyone but that single smile of that little girl meant everything to her. That smile let her forget her worries. A Smile is itself a therapy when it casts its spell, it breaks all other magic.


On the very next day as Eliza went to the spot she was delighted to find the girl there already waiting for her anxiously. As she approached her she asked her mom about her absence and her mother replied that”Muskan was ill so she took a leave”. “Muskan”, Eliza recalled, “So that’s what her name is, as pleasant as her cute little self”, refreshing smile illuminated her face. That day she felt a strong desire to talk to her and to know more about her.


She tried to accomplish that goal a few days later as upon seeing the girl she greeted her but in response, the girl spoke nothing and smiled. After thinking for a while she again asked Muskan about her school, in order to start a conversation, but she didn’t reply instead she stood still looking at her. Eliza changed the question and asked her about her favorite cartoon character but still Muskan, with her “Muskan on” replied nothing.  That made Eliza curious and worried at the same time. She sat before the girl looking at her for a while.


As she stood up Muskan’s mother approached here. Before she could say anything a tear rolled on her cheek.  “Muskan really likes you, She always waits for you before she could leave for school.”, “But Why, I mean, I never talked to her, Is there any reason for it?” Asked Eliza curiously.


“Yes there is, and it’s the smile, whenever she smiles at you, you always smile back at her.”, Eliza looked at the girl who was still smiling, “But why she never spoke” asked Eliza, “Because”Muskan’s mother replied with a sigh “She cannot hear, nor speak, she is deaf and a mute”.


Eliza was startled! Eliza never talked to her never ever communicated with her but then how could she think her to be the only one who could understand her. Muskan’s mom deduced her thoughts and taught her something she didn’t know and she never considered, “there are many people around the world who cannot understand your language but it doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with them. You can easily communicate and make them understand if you know the language of love, kindness, and affection. And that is the only reason Muskan without knowing what you are saying, can still understand you. Sometimes being deaf is a blessing as words hurt more but knowing to communicate in a language of love is more than a blessing. And as love begets love, both of you are blessed,” Muskan’s mother continued to speak while all Eliza could recall were the words carved on that wall hanging near her front door, which for the first time were making sense to her “Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love”.




This blog belongs to a 20 years old bookaholic and a chai addict who is a student of life and literature. This blog is more like a lab where I experiment different writing styles and techniques with two primary chemicals, languages, Urdu and English.

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سب رنگ کریں تجھ تک سفر



سرو و سمن و باغ و بر

تیری قدرتوں کی دیں خبر


گل و بلبلوں سے سجے چمن

تیری شان جن میں جلوه گر


صحرا و دشت صبح و شب

تیری مصوریت سے هیں تر


مٹ جائیں اک پل میں سب

تیرے حکم سے,بھرے نگر


خالقیت سے بسا دے پھر

اک جہاں تو چاهے گر


قصہ رقص مور کے

سب رنگ کریں تجھ تک سفر

Saru o saman Bagh o bar

Teri qudraton ki daen khabr


Gul o bulbul sy sajay chaman

Teri shan jin main jalwagar


Sehra o dasht Subah o Shab

Teri “Musawiryt” sy  hain tar


Mit jaen ik pal main sub

Tera hukam sy bharay nagar


“Khaliqiyat” sy basa dy phir

Ik jahan tu chahay gaar.


Qisa e raks e mo’ar kay

Sub rang tujh tak karen safar.

میرا دل نظر اور میرے خواب

میرا دل نظر اور میرے خواب

میری منزلیں

میرے خواب سب

تیری یاد سے بندھے هوۓ

کسی ایک موڑ سے تر ہوا

تیری خشبوؤں کی مہک لیئے

جو ملے تو بس یہی کہے

تیرے ساتھ میرا جو ساتھ هے

بے حد و بے حساب هے.

میری کامیابیاں جو هیں سبھی

تیری شفقتوں سے لدی ہوئیں

تیری یاد کرتی هے بے قرار

تیری دعاؤں کے ثمار

هیں روز و شب میں بھرے هوۓ

میرا دل


اور میرے خواب

تیری یاد سے بندھے هوۓ

تیری آس سے لدے هوۓ.

Myri manzilen

Myry khwab sub

Teri yaad sy bandhy huay

Kisi ik mor sy tar hawa

Teri khushbon ki mehak liay

Jo a milay To bus yahi kahay

“Teray sath myra jo sath ha

Bayhad o bayhisab ha”

Myri kamyabiyan jo hain sabhi

Teri shafqaton sy ladi hui

Teri yad krti ha byqarar

Teri duawon k samaa’r

Hain roaz shab man bharay huay

Myra dil


Aur myry khwab

Teri yaad sy bandhy huay..

Teri aa’s say lady huay..

راه لقاء هے موت ملا دیتی هے یار سے
ختم هو جاتی هیں سب تکلیفیں وصال سے

گر کانپ اٹھے دل خوف سے عذاب کے
دلاسہ اس کو دیتی هوں مالک کی صفت تواب سے

گر ورق هوں خالی نامہ اعمال کے
ڈھانپ دیتا هے وه رؤف ایک حجاب سے

دامن دل خالی هوا تپش و آزار سے
تو نے هی سایہ کیا اسم وهاب سے

بخشش کی تجھی سے طلبگار هوں یارب
ناؤ تو میری پار لگانا سهار سے

ته کرتا هے هر ایک هی
کئی مسهافتیں
زندگی کی راه پر
کئی شکایتیں
اپنے هی آپ سے
کئی گلے
منزلوں کی جستجو
خوف کئی روبرو
پا جاتا هے اسے وهی
راحت اسی کے هر سو
امید جسکی باقی هو
اور خوشیوں کا وه ساقی هو.

وه هم نوا

میرے ساۓ سا

میری آس جس کے ساتھ تھی

میری تلاش جس پہ تمام تھی

گھٹا وه جیسے سرد تھی

ادا وه تیری درد تھی

ایک پل میں

ایک بات سے

بنا اجنبی

وه هم نوا

جس سے میری آس تھی

میری تلاش جس پے تمام تھی.

بات تیرے ذکر سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی
رات تیری فکر سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی

حرف حرف وار سلگتا هوا جیسے
هر ضرب درد سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی

قلب و نظر نے دی تجھے هی پناه جهاں
هر جا اسکی عشق سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی

درد اک دل میں اٹھا هی دیتی هے
آه جو فریاد سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی

کاروبار الفت میں عقل بھی پٹختی هے
ره یار جو خار سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی

یقین سے بالاتر وجود یار لگے
وفا هیبت و کمال سے خالی نہ تھی کبھی.

امید کی بستی بستی تهی

” امید کی بستی بستی تھی “
ایک دشت میں کہیں پاس یہاں امید کی بستی بستی تھی
وہ بستی محنت کے بل پر
ہر دم ہستی بستی تھی
اس بستی سے تھوڑا دور وہاں
اک سوچ کا دریا بہتا تھا
اس دریا کے کنارے پر
اک قوسِ قزح بھی رچتی تھی
اس قوسِ قزح کے پہلو میں
اک جال بچھا سا رہتا تھا
جکڑ لیتا تھا وہ یکدم
جو چیز بھی اس میں گرتی تھی
اک روز وہاں اس جال میں
اک خواب کہیں سے آ ٹپکا
جال سے باہر نکلنے کی
بےسود ہر اک کوشش تھی
دھیرے دھیرے رنگ سوچوں کا
اُس خواب پے یوں چڑھنے لگا
مٹ کر اس سے ہر اک نقش
بےبسی رقص کرنے لگی
اس رقص کی پرچھائی سے
 قوسِ قزح مدہم هوئی
اور رنگ اپنے چھوڑ گئی
وہ ہستی بستی بستی پھر
ماند اچانک پڑنے لگی
ہر اک کونے میں اس نگری کے
خوف گھر کرنے لگا
اور خوشیوں کی اک کرن
منہ وہاں سے موڑنے لگی
یوں امید کی اس بستی میں
سوچوں کی تاریکی چھائی
اور یاس و الم کی بدلی نے
دکھ کی بارش برسائی

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